Introducing Little Magnolia Sleep Consulting, Infant Sleep Specialist

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My own sleep struggles

My journey as an infant sleep specialist began when my son was around 13 months old. He started by refusing his nap and would scream every time we got near his room. I thought it was because we just had family in town and he was too stimulated. I thought he was sick or teething. Well that stuck around, and I vividly remember trying to lay down with him on the floor just to get the nap in.

Eventually, he made it back into his crib for naps. But, then came the early wakes. Early as in 4am!! I am a working mom (I teach high school math). I had to get up at 5am, so waking at 4am with him was brutal. Not to mention not good for him!

Then our issues progressed into him waking in the middle of the night, which he hadn’t done since he was 3 months old, to him not even willing to go down to sleep. My rock bottom… was when I found myself crawling into his crib with him at night, just so I could get some sleep! (Yes I do fit, I’m 5’2”). I realized a change needed to be made… and fast!

We sought out an infant sleep specialist

Nothing seemed to work; nothing! With the help of sleep training, I got him to sleep until the appropriate time in the morning and also consistently. I had all of the feelings I see in my clients now… Uncertainty, nervousness, desperation, and the big “what if this doesn’t work?” I literally felt like we couldn’t go backwards. It worked so quickly and effectively and I just knew that I had to spread the word and help other families in the same way.

That’s when I started Natalie Erickson Sleep Consulting back in 2018. I knew that so many moms were told sleeplessness is normal and just part of the sacrifices we’re expected to make. But sleep is possible, healthy, and so life-giving to parents who’ve been unable to rest and recharge.

mom playing with son on the couch. She is holding him on her lap, and tickling him. He is laughing.

The story behind the name

Life as a mom is non-stop. We all have our own journey, but there are so many similarities that we share in this role. I truly believe that every mom needs a tribe. Other moms who go through what you go through, friends who listen and support, someone to give you a break and the opportunity for self-care. Well, I have those friends.


My two best girl friends and I vowed that every other Thursday we would get together for a girls’ night with a special cocktail, a lot of girl talk, and a chance to take a small break from motherhood. This was our little piece of identity for the week. 


We call these nights Magnolia Nights. Cheesy, I know. But have you seen the show Sweet Magnolias on Netflix? If not, you totally should, especially if you like Hallmark movies like me! I know, I know, they all have the same plot, but I’m hooked. 


In the show, there are three best friends who frequently support each other in life and motherhood with a cocktail of choice of a margarita. We are three best friends, this show was about three best friends, all supporting each other in the same way. 

woman sitting at kitchen counter bar stool pouring a glass of red wine and smiling

Introducing: Little Magnolia Sleep Consulting

I knew I wanted to change my business name but I was stuck. One Thursday night, I was on the way to Magnolia Night and on the car ride over I thought to myself, “I hope my daughter grows up with best friends like I have and can have these same nights for themselves.” She is my little magnolia.


This was a perfect fit for me personally, but also for me to share with other moms. Every mom deserves to have their version of Magnolia Night. Time to themselves to take care of anything that needs to be taken care of, especially themselves. 

You do not have to be chained to your child’s sleep struggles

I remember this one call I had with a woman who later became my client. She shared that she was going out with her friends for a “prom” night. They were going to dinner and then out dancing. Such a fun idea!! She shared that because her daughter would only go to sleep for her she would go out to dinner, then drive back home to put her daughter to bed, and then meet her friends back out for dancing.

This, this right here is NOT what I want to be occurring when you need a moms night out! I want you to leave your house and come back when you are ready. To know that your child will go to sleep, stay asleep, and you’ll see them in the morning. Needless to say, her daughter did fabulous and is able to now go to sleep for anyone who lays her down. 

I have the ability to lay my children down for sleep or have someone else do it, and know they will go to sleep just fine. Just like the mom in this story, I want to help other moms and families do the same and give everyone the opportunity to have their Magnolia Night. We need this and we deserve this!

woman rocking her baby to sleep

Could you benefit from an infant sleep specialist?

Thinking about getting help with your child’s sleep struggles, but aren’t sure sleep training is right for you? All of these parenting decisions are so hard, aren’t they! The awesome news is that consultations are free, require zero commitment, and are intended to answer just that: is sleep training right for you. You might benefit from sleep training if you identify with any of the following:

  • You have asked yourself or Googled “when do babies sleep through the night”
  • Your nap schedules are unpredictable, and nap lengths are short
  • A full night’s sleep sounds like a dream, a lifetime ago
  • Maybe you don’t even know where to start to begin to get a good night’s sleep
  • Your child wakes up at different times each day
  • Your child wakes up early and won’t go back to sleep
  • Everyone in the house is tired and no one looks forward to bedtime because it takes way too long and you’re getting drained.
  • You’ve wondered if you need to feed your baby all throughout the night
  • You have tried all the tricks you know but it’s not only not working but things have gotten worse!
  • You’re worried about your child’s well-being and are starting to doubt your ability that this is possible

If any of these sound like you, you might need an infant sleep specialist. I can help. I am a Certified Sleep Sense Pediatric Sleep Consultant. My certification included detailed training, a mentorship program, and continual education. This allows me to provide you the most up to date and best tools to provide a restful night for you and your child. Oh and I’m a mom of two… so I’ve done this myself.

Schedule a free consult call today, or send me a message to get started.

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